Friday, December 15th, 2017 Radically Efficient e-Discovery

Relativity Best in Service

As a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner, we bring nearly three decades of litigation support experience to one of the most popular, respected and feature-rich review platforms in the industry. We provide the best possible Relativity experience by combining exceptional project managers, talented developers, and a rugged, sophisticated infrastructure, including our proprietary KEPS processing engine.

This powerful blend of technology and support makes for incredibly efficient analysis, review, and production. In fact, we have effortlessly supported over 300 concurrent users, reviewing more than 500,000 records with over 5 million images. To start with, we make the most of Relativity’s flexible and automated workflow capabilities, text analytics and data visualization. Beyond that, we provide many additional benefits.


  • Best In Service

For three years running, Kiersted has earned kCura’s Relativity Best in Service designation, which recognizes Relativity Premium Hosting Partners who provide an exceptional Relativity experience for end users. Kiersted also participates in the Relativity Best in Service Trust site. This public listing of infrastructure quality and system performance provides transparency into Relativity service delivery and helps ensure a positive end user experience. To read more about our Best In Service designation, click here.

  • In-House Expertise

With over a decade of experience with e-Discovery, our in-house experts in technology, data processing, document review, and production help to ensure your project goes smoothly and stays on track.

  • Integration with e-Discovery Processing

Tight integration with our KEPS e-Discovery processing engine means incredible processing power, from data ingestion to document production. Use Kiersted Direct to rapidly cull collected data before loading into Relativity for a radically efficient review.

  • Kiersted True Review

Kiersted True Review is designed to help law firms and corporate legal departments improve accuracy and efficiency during document review. Integrated seamlessly into Relativity, True Review allows you to monitor individual and group performance, easily track progress toward deadlines, improve accuracy of billing, and identify and resolve training problems quickly. To learn more about True Review, click here.

  • Kiersted’s Relativity Application Suite

Kiersted’s Relativity Application Suite is a unique set of custom Relativity enhancements that helps ensure efficient, cost effective and accurate review projects, from docket management through production. Components of the suite include Valid Review, Docket Master, Media Master, Production Master, and Production
Specification Master. To learn more about Kiersted’s Relativity Application suite, click here.

  • Customized Reports

In addition to Relativity’s powerful out-of-the-box reporting and tracking features, our highly experienced technical team is available to deliver the custom reports your project demands.

  • Rugged, Secure Infrastructure

Our Relativity is hosted in a highly secure, rugged data center built to provide the highest possible levels of uptime.
On-premises backup power generators are in place to continually provide power indefinitely, even if utility power is lost. Multiple redundant connections to the Internet backbone provide continuous access, even if one or more backbones were to be degraded. Physical and logical security protects all systems.