Friday, December 15th, 2017 Radically Efficient e-Discovery

When it comes to conducting quality reviews, people are your greatest assets — but without efficient management, they can also be among your greatest liabilities. Kiersted True Review gives you a true picture of each reviewer’s productivity, efficiency and accuracy, ensuring you get the best possible results from your review team.

Kiersted True Review is designed to help law firms and corporate legal departments improve accuracy and efficiency during the document review process. Integrated seamlessly into Relativity, True Review allows you to monitor individual and group performance, easily track progress toward deadlines, improve accuracy of billing, and identify and resolve training problems quickly. Instantly compare performance among individual reviewers. Identify potential problems and avoid bottlenecks. Manage project costs with a customizable calculator that lets you make adjustments on the fly. And gain a historical perspective by comparing data from current projects with previous projects, enabling faster decision-making. Whether your attorneys work in-house or off-site, Kiersted True Review can help you save time and money, making your reviews radically efficient.

The Kiersted True Review dashboard lets you quickly see big-picture items like percentage of documents reviewed, overall progress toward a deadline, and comparative review rates. Click any tab or chart for more in-depth information.

Our built-in calculator lets you estimate projected costs and timelines for ongoing reviews based on adjustable variables, like the total number of documents, average document-per-hour (DPH) rate, and hours per day. Enter your own numbers and make adjustments as needed to get the results you want.

Daily Reporting
The “Review by Day” form displays the number of review calls made each day as well as the overall percentage of review completeness. Based on the review rate, an estimated completion date is calculated and displayed. For any given day, users can instantly display categories of documents such as responsive, non-responsive or privilege documents.

Individual Review Rate
The “Review Rate” form displays each reviewer’s individual review rate in DPH (documents per hour). Quickly see which reviewers are performing at the highest efficiency and which are underperforming, and take action faster to resolve problems.

Review Duration
The “Review Duration” form displays each reviewer’s total review time, idle time and productivity for the day selected.
Reconcile timekeeping and billing information with information never before available.

True Time
The “True Time” feature helps ensure you’re only billed for hours when reviewers were active — not just when they were logged into your system. This proprietary tool captures user activity and flags periods of inactivity based on time intervals you control. For example, if you enter a five-minute interval, True Review will log each five-minute interval of inactivity per user and track that information over time, allowing you to assess productivity rates and efficiency for each user.

Individual Analysis
Make personnel decisions quickly by assessing performance over time, on an individual level. The “Individual Analysis” tab shows detailed results for each reviewer on an hourly basis and includes the actual time spent reviewing per hour, the number of documents reviewed and the average review rate for each document. Click on any time interval and immediately recall the documents coded for instant analysis.

Overturn Analysis
Accuracy is essential in the review process, and the “Overturn Analysis” form helps gauge individual and overall document overturn rates for both responsive and privilege calls. Compare overturn rates by reviewer, identify issues faster, and make adjustments to training and processes as needed, to reduce overturn rates in the future.

Review Alerts
Review alerts allow you to set custom alerts based on criteria you enter, helping track progress and ensure your goals are met. You can set alerts for items such as the number of documents reviewed per day, number of documents reviewed per hour, or overall productivity rates. Whenever a goal is not met, alerts will show up on your reports — and in your E-mail inbox, if desired. It’s a smart way to help your projects and your reviewers stay on track.