Friday, December 15th, 2017 Radically Efficient e-Discovery

Carefully avoiding duplicative effort, downtime, and loss of cost control are key characteristics of a Kiersted collection.

The increasing diversity of data and its sources, as well the defensibility of the collection process, often defines the quality of an electronic discovery matter. We recognize that it sets the tone for the entire litigation and lays the foundation on which your team builds each succeeding effort. We apply thoughtful project plans and talented professionals to ensure that your foundation is fundamentally strong.

Our experts adhere to industry best practices when retrieving designated data from each appropriate custodian. We also appreciate that data exists not only on workplace PCs and servers, but on smart phones, portable drives, and flash drives, among other items. As such, we are as adept at safely collecting data from remote media as from on-site facilities.

Whether managing terabytes or gigabytes of information, we address each collection with advanced technology and defensible practices. That defensibility is the result of our use of industry-leading forensic imaging tools, which maintain the integrity of every piece of data.

Our Approach:

  • Create a collection plan, including local IT support and lawyers, to establish a schedule and predict the cost of retrieval.
  • Execute verifiable chain of custody protocols.
  • Focus on preserving a forensic image of each drive to prevent alterations.
  • Direct on-location imaging of servers, computers, and peripheral devices.
  • Maximize live server uptime during the collection process.
  • Filter data from each identifiable source as needed.

In addition, our experts can often determine whether your particular media require forensic imaging at the outset. Our knowledge of equipment and evidence transforms your experience and the outcome.