Friday, December 15th, 2017 Radically Efficient e-Discovery

Kiersted Direct is a transformative tool that puts you in direct control of key aspects of your e-Discovery project. It enables you to efficiently search and cull eData before initiating a document review, saving significant time and money.
Kiersted Direct puts you in direct control of the crucial early phase of search-based culling. To start with, you create and maintain your own search lists, reducing communication lags and opportunities for error. Then, thanks to our sophisticated distributed search technology, you can run hundreds – even thousands – of searches in record time. The results are displayed in our innovative user interface that allows you to view and manipulate these results right on the screen. You can quickly make good decisions on what material to exclude from further processing, reducing the amount of material to be reviewed to a manageable size.
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Cullling Made Easy: Identify and remove unwanted documents at once with easy-to-use, industry-proven and accepted culling techniques
Search: Using Direct’s real-time, innovative search analysis form, users can immediately review results.
Snippets: Snippet analysis empowers users to quickly ignore repetitive strings of text that are responsive to your search terms but aren’t the results you are looking for.
Integrated Document Viewer: the Integrated Document Viewer with search hit highlighting enables users to review documents prior to important culling and search modifications.