Friday, December 15th, 2017 Radically Efficient e-Discovery

Repeatable, defensible process.

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When it comes to legal hold compliance a combination of best practices and reliable automation is your best defense. The potential risks stemming from inadvertent document destruction have never been more severe. Now more than ever, corporations have a responsibility to manage documents in a responsible way.

Our team of legal hold experts will help with all the steps involved to support a successful legal hold strategy, and avoid fines, sanctions and risks.

Kiersted will partner with you to choose and implement a solution that delivers the following benefits:

  • Provide a full audit trail of notices, responses and reports.
  • Automate reminders, acknowledgement notices, and escalation policies.
  • Eliminate unnecessary data retention.
  • Deliver consistent, accurate messaging with easy-to-use templates and automated fields.
  • Conduct quick, cost-effective on-line custodial interviews.
  • Reduce risk by streamlining communication and collection tracking within a single central location.
  • Review summary reports and online statistics at-a-glance.

Leverage our years of experience with legal hold compliance and legal hold technology to ensure a repeatable and defensible process. We will make sure your system is designed to give you tight control over electronically stored information with a repeatable, defensible process, and ensures compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, drives down e-Discovery costs.