Friday, December 15th, 2017 Radically Efficient e-Discovery

Raising the Bar in Legal Technology Consulting

The verdict is in — Kiersted is the industry’s trusted leader in legal technology consulting, giving you exceptional service throughout the life cycle of your matter management experience. From providing expert representation in vendor selection, to conducting due diligence in system implementation and integration, to following up with ongoing support, we’re committed to your success.

Requirements Analysis and Design

Tailored to your needs.

We’ll meet with your department experts to determine and document system requirements and design a custom implementation strategy.

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System Implementation

Successful change management.

We incorporate best practices for optimal results. Let us help you with configuration, documentation and training for the perfect implementation.

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Support Services

Support designed for you.

Legal requirements change. Our experts provide custom development, data conversion, system integration, reporting and tune-up services to meet the changing times.

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Kiersted: Legal Hold Experts

Repeatable, defensible process.

Advanced legal hold technology coupled with repeatable defensible processes helps to give you tight control over electronically stored information, ensuring compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and lower e-Discovery costs.

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Kiersted Solutions

Your key to new possibilities

Leverage our exceptional services to
expand the capabilities of TeamConnect. Access employee information through the Kiersted HR Interface. Begin truly intelligent electronic communication with Kiersted Email Intelligence. Improve the quality of information and system efficiency with our Contact Scrubber and Content Archiving.

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