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Kiersted Direct and Kiersted Valid Review Introduced at LegalTech 2012

(February 17, 2012 – Houston, TX)  In a transformative step to redefine the nature of project management, e-Discovery leader Kiersted introduced Kiersted Direct at LegalTech 2012. This tool will be available in the next several months and will empower clients with direct access to projects during e-Discovery processing. Users will be able to directly drive the all-important culling process, which can radically reduce the amount of data placed under review. Built on Kiersted’s proprietary KEPS e-Discovery processing engine, Kiersted Direct “shines a light into the black box of data processing,” says Founder and President, George Kiersted.

“It is amazing to see how much our clients will gain by using our advanced interface to actually see the impact of culling decisions in near real time,” Kiersted notes. “These insights lead to better culling decisions, with the payoff being a radically more efficient review. A smaller, richer set of potentially responsive data is made available to reviewers, more quickly and with more accuracy.”

Clients will also benefit from the streamlined process, which reduces the need for communication and coordination with Kiersted specialists. In an aggressive move to drive adoption, Kiersted Direct will be available for all e-Discovery projects, at no additional cost. A cloud-based application, it requires no plug-ins or downloads.  Importantly, Kiersted Direct is review platform agnostic, working seamlessly with virtually all platforms, including Relativity, iCONECT, and Kiersted’s K4 Rapid Review. Clients can use Kiersted Direct to develop, run, and analyze their searches, perform the culling, and then export the data to the platform and host of their choice.

“The really great thing about this is that Kiersted Direct provides tremendous value to all projects — even those not hosted with Kiersted,” says Executive Vice President Andre Guilbeau. “The benefits accrue to all projects, since the direct access is applied to the early stages of culling and processing,” he adds.

Clients using Kiersted Direct will create and manage detailed lists of search terms, which can number in the thousands. These complex queries then run quickly in the background on a high-powered grid of search nodes, at the client’s direction. They can view the results and dynamically make changes in near real time. Kiersted Direct further enhances efficiency by providing a platform for project progress communication and reporting.

Kiersted Valid Review ensures acute accuracy and efficiency.
The process of Continuous Validation is another significant contributor to Kiersted’s radically efficient approach to e-discovery. Kiersted applies an elaborate set of checks, balances and rules throughout e-Discovery processing and review. This allows Kiersted to deliver on its promise of acute accuracy and efficiency. Minor errors caught early on drastically improve the overall process since, if undetected, even small anomalies can cause big problems at later stages.

A new element of this process is Kiersted Valid Review, a proprietary component that Kiersted has developed for review projects taking place in Relativity. Valid Review extends the Continuous Validation protocol into Relativity, providing confidence that the review process is being run as efficiently as possible, that coding is being performed in a consistent manner, and anomalies are caught and addressed early. Skilled Kiersted specialists develop custom rules specifically for each project.

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